MACH2 Sagehill’s All Charged Up “Credit”

Credit is the foundation of Bluefire Border Collies.
Titles: MACH2
Breed: Border Collie
Call Name: Credit
OFA: Good
Eyes CERF’ed: Normal
Date of Birth: 6/30/2000
Sex: Female
Size: 19-1/2″ & 34 lbs.
Color: Blue Merle
Markings: Gorgeous and strikingly clear bi-blue coloring
Eye Color: Left eye is blue, right eye is half-blue & half-brown
Registries: AKC, ABC
BAER Hearing Test: Normal
DNA Testing for CEA: Carrier Status (Regarding the upcoming breeding with Bank, this will not affect the puppies other than that she could produce “carriers.” For more information, please visit this link.)

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