Past Litters

Bluefire Border Collies

Here at Bluefire Border Collies, we believe in quality over quantity. We have bred six litters over the past 16 years and have produced many fabulous dogs including three who have represented the United States on the AKC Agility World Team, one AKC Agility Invitational winner, multiple MACH dogs, and finalists at both AKC and USDAA Nationals.

Credit x Mayhem Litter 1

5 pups whelped 4/12/04

Credit x Mayhem Litter 2

(1) merle girl, (1) black/white girl, (1) black/white boy, and (3) merle boys whelped 3/13/05

Credit x Mayhem Litter 3

(3) merle girl and (3) merle boys whelped 4/24/2008

Check x Epic

(2) merle girl, (1) black & white girl and (3) merle boys whelped 4/30/2011

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